Horse Camps with White Training Stabes, LLC


   2014 Summer Camps

Introduction to Horses-Day Camp Session I & II Cost: $300

Session I: June 2nd-4th , 8am-3:30pm

Session II: June 16th-18th, 8am-3:30pm

Created for children who have not had previous experience to horses, this day camp offers education and experience along with plenty of fun. Featuring lots of hands up learning everyday will consist of a one hour group lesson including brushing and tacking of horses, two educational lessons about horses activities, a take home craft and a break for lunch. Topics to be covered include Safety, Grooming, tacking, basic riding skills, horse conformation and horse colors & Breeds among much more. Limited to 4 Riders per camp session, Ages 7-12

Tiny Trotters- Half-Day Camp Session I & II Cost: $250

Session I: June 11th-13th, 8am-12pm

Session II: June 25th-27th, 1pm-4pm 

Created for our “Tiny Trotters” this camp is tailored for children ages 4-6 years of age who have an interest in horses or may have already tried lessons. Each day will consist of a take home craft, a one hour group riding lesson and an educational lesson with hands on activity. Limited to 4 Riders per camp session.

Cross Rails- Beginner Day Camp Session I & II Cost: $400

Session I: July 7th-11th, 8am-2pm

Session II: July 21st-25th, 11am-5pm

This camp is designated for those riders have recently started taking riding lessons and can at a basic level walk and trot in a group. Activities to include a one hour group riding lesson,  two educational lessons followed by activities, lunch break, a take home craft and a one hour group pattern riding lesson. Topics to be covered include Horse nutrition, Basic horse first aid, Patterns and Equitation, Horse movement and Daily care. Limited to 4 Riders per camp session. Ages 7-13.                                                                                                                                      

E-mail - for paperwork or more details!    Summer Camp Registration below or fill out the on line application at the "Seasonal Horse Riding Camp" button below.


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Seasonal Horse Riding Camp
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Price: $350.00
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